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Your INSTANT DOWNLOAD access to the SOURCE CODE for your own Property Management Software

From The Desk Of: Mike Bridges
Offer Expires:

To: All Landlords, Property Managers,  & Contractors

Hi Fellow Landlord and Property Manager,

The market and demand for this software is HUGE and GROWING. START YOUR OWN online business with this ready to go Property Management Software that you can customize as your own.

This is a unique and extra-ordinary offer which if I think about it for too long I will retract. Secure your copy today!

This software took me over a year to develop so you can save yourself a year of development time for just the cost of a good dinner.

Not only that you can recover the cost immediately by selling the runtime to your clients. This software currently retails to customers for over $200 so your return on investment can be immediate! 

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own million dollar software empire?

Have you ever dreamed of waking up every morning to discover you've earned a few thousand more dollars while you were asleep?

Wait ... Before you answer those questions, let's play a little game of "what if?"

Let's see if you're the kind of person who is smart enough to benefit from this unique offer. Don't worry, not everyone is, but let's see if you are ...

What if you owned your own million dollar software empire? What if you could easily crank out new software products to sell every day with little or no development time?

What if those products were all high demand and extremely useful? What if you could sell them for any price at almost zero expense? 

As a Market Test (Today Only) for Microsoft Office Marketplace Referrals, I am Giving Away my Award Winning software (now in its 7th Release).   If you are a developer you get no risk access to a complete business application with source code (REQUIRES MS ACCESS 2007)

This is an absolutely amazing software!

"I am absolutely blown away with all of the features, not to mention how simple it is to use. I can't believe you are making this software available for a one time fee! This is an absolute steal at this price! With how simple this is you can quit paying hourly rates to accountants. I can see how it will be simple to get my investment back quickly with this product. Thanks for making property invoice management easier! "

John Orr

Introducing The World's Best Property Management Software for Landlords ...

Imagine Being Able To  Manage Unlimited...

  • property management software Properties
  • Tenants
  • Prospects
  • Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Suppliers
  • Invoices
  • Work Orders
  • Issues
  • Email Promotions
  • Payments

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In Minutes...

Instant PropertyPro is a Property Manager's Dream! 

Reserve Your Copy Now!

Instant Property Pro 2010 is now in its seventh release with happy customers all over the world. Our first outside deployment of the Enterprise Version for a business with a large sales team was in Dubai last year.

Instant Property Pro 2010 is designed for multiple users on a network with an encrypted database. It includes additional property accounting features and is targeted towards mid-size professional businesses but equally powerful for landlords seeking to grow their business.

Instant Property Pro has made it EXCEPTIONALLY EASY for you to manage the day-to-day demands of your real estate business - IMAGINE running your business with 23 sales managers overseeing 185 properties. IMPOSSIBLE if you just had spreadsheets - What used to take days I can now do at a CLICK. Even my mother can use it!

An intuitive, Office 2007 styled interface, self-hosted Customer Relationship Management System.

Instant PropertyPro uses the latest interface technologies to provide a fluid and COOL experience.  

Our Ribbon Interface makes creating forms and reports a breeze, even for beginners and newbies.

Instant PropertyPro installs on "your PC" in under 5 minutes, and you can have your first tenant agreement setup in just a few minutes later.

Use to manage ALL your INVOICES, TENANTS, & RENTALS!

New Ribbon Interface

Carefully designed for ease of use, InstantPropertyPro interface let you manage your invoices easily. It saves you time.

Comprehensive management tools

Adding a new invoice, tenant, or payment is just as simple as clicking button. Instant PropertyPro provides you with a complete set of well-designed property management and tenant management tools to build your lease agreements and invoices. It makes you look professional.

Ultimate Data Protection

InstantPropertyPro integrates your contact and invoice data with an encrypted database. You can also provide different privileges so that your sales team only see their contacts and prospects.

Easy invoice manager

Invoice manager is the headquarters for all of your lease management activities. Designed for high usability, so you can manage all of your leases and invoices in a simple, fun, non-confusing workspace.

Email integration

For every invoice or payment due, you and your tenant will receive instant email notification containing a pdf copy of the payment due. This allows you to respond quickly to your tenants and customers.

Property database integration

All of your contacts, properties and invoice data will be stored in an encrypted database. No programming is needed; InstantPropertyPro has done all the hard work for you.

Form validation

Rules are available for most form fields. Required, this rule will make sure that a user fills out a particular field. No Duplicates, this rule will verify that the data entered into this field is unique and has not been submitted previously.

Easy installation wizard

One click installation. Yes, you read it correct! Only one click needed to finish the installation. Say goodbye to complicated installation steps. We make the wizard do the hard work for you.

Integrated with your business templates

Each report generated by InstantPropertyPro has its own template. You can customize the style of each report independently. IPP blends seamlessly into your business

File upload

Upload any file, as many as you want. No more limitation. Your disk space is the only limitation.  Images, docs, videos... (store documents, pictures, spreadsheets for your customers)

Export data to Excel or CSV

Export your form submission data to an Excel file. This allows you to further analyze your data, create charts, reports or any other data processing.

Show/hide any field or report

Fields that is set to Admin Only will not be shown to users when the form is made public. This is useful to create a field or business report which is private just for you.

Intuitive Search & Filtering

You can easily find invoices due, tenant payment history using the quick filtering options.

Password protected

If enabled, all users accessing IPP will then be required to type in the password to access the data. Your contacts and properties are password protected.

Limit user access

You can restrict your sales team or business partners to access only their contacts.

Comprehensive property reporting

Either daily or monthly you can select from a library of reports to analyse your property performance

Mail Merge your contacts

We know you want flexibility. This is why InstantPropertyPro allows you to modify the business templates to suit your specific needs. 

Track email promotions

What if all those who completed your surveys, could have their responses automatically uploaded to your database.  Our optional Email Wizard does this automatically for you by checking your Outlook email for survey responses from prospects.

Fax, Skype, & Calendar 

You can add meetings in Outlook, fax invoices, or call customers using your current desktop tools. 


Accounting program integration

Your InstantPropertyPro reports can be exported to popular accounting programs.

I would like to mention again that the two programs I have seen from you guys are both awesome. This is definitely the way to go if you are in the Property Business! You have been a great help and helped to eliminate the draw back from ordering over the web. Bottom Line --- Your Software, Service, and Support are second to none! -- Tom Richardson, CA

Try it at no cost and no risk but keep the bonuses and software if you take up the trial offer today for all referrals from Microsoft Office Marketplace. Can you afford not to?

This Exceptional Promotion Expires -

Click here to download the "Try it First, and Decide Later" Instant Property Pro Trial 




No IT experience is needed and PropertyPro Installs easily on YOUR PC.   Install and publish your first invoice within minutes.

Works With Most All Operating Systems

Reserve Your Copy Now!

Understand Your Prospect's Needs And Increase Your Conversions
Manage Your Properties, Tenants and Payments
Create Unlimited Email Promotions To your contact database
Create Professional Invoices and Track Payments
Publish detailed Accounting Reports and track Income & Expenses
Share your data with your sales team - Multi-User Database.

Reserve Your Copy Now!

  • property management software priceNow you can have hassle free tenant management!
  • property management software priceTrack tenant invoices and payments
  • property management software price Manage your properties with the professional touch
  • property management software price Customer relationship management made easy
  • property management software price Enjoy hassle free tenant management
  • property management software price Property management software at a price you can afford
  • property management software price A library of polished reports to choose from
  • property management software price Multiple users
  • property management software price Store invoices in customer folders
  • property management software priceTrack your sales performance
"Instant PropertyPro is a new, robust invoice manager that is like LandlordMax at a fraction of the cost, plus all the features you wished they had there.  It’s a customer-centric tool, rather than the clumsy sort of interface I’ve typically seen in other property management software applications.

I’ll be using it to manage all my invoices for suppliers and tenants"

Sarah Collins


Click here to download the "Try it First, and Decide Later" Instant Property Pro Trial 

"I look at a lot of stuff, continuously. As a matter of fact it is rather a drag to look at a lot of the stuff people are pushing. There is so much. However, I am looking for ways to help our family property business.  I can see how this might really help me make our life easier. Very impressive."

Karen Ried

"I think the email, fax, and skype integration essential to today's fast markets.  The customer folders is an added feature that is very helpful for you and your potential customers or tenants, I find this and the property management tools a plus in my book! Thank you Instant PropertyPro. "

Tom Richmond

To see what gives my winning sales team the edge, download their Quick Guide or you can download the Brochure.

"This invoice/accounting system is going to make everything a lot more effective for me. Previously a lot of fiddling around with spreadhseets and constant reconciliations but now it is all in one database it is so much easier.

I could have saved many hours if Instant PropertyPro had been around a lot sooner. You REALLY NEED THIS. I warmly recommend iPP for all who are serious about getting professional property management for their real estate. Just like the previous release, this tool is just perfect."

Henry Blair

"You have truly provided first class technical support and an excellent product."

Jeff Moore

What Does INSTANT PROPERTY PRO 2010 Contain?

INSTANT PROPERTY PRO guides each user through the process of setting up their business, defining their properties and managing Business Opportunities from Prospect through to Deal Closure.ospect through to Deal Closure.

Unlike all other programs, you will experience an easier and more intuitive system better geared towards realising efficiencies in your business.

The Complete INSTANT PROPERTY PRO 2010 System Includes:

Multi-User License
Property Database
Contact Database
Integration with Microsoft Office 2007
Integration with Skype
Export to PDF
PROPERTY PRO User Manual (50 Pages)

-Property Management
-Customer Management
-Supplier Management
-Invoice Management and Accounting

By using this comprehensive and essential program, you will benefit from the latest software and business best practices:

- MS Office 2007 new interface

- Visualize performance through dashboards

- Comprehensive business reporting

- Track customer and tenant interactions

- Track bills and suppliers

- Track money-in and money out

- One click Tenant Check-In

- Contextual menus

- Track the performance of my sales team

- Find expiring leases at the click of a button

- Short cut keys

- Comprehensive database search

- Quick Start wizards

- Data import wizards

- Easily send bulk emails to my prospects database

- Reduce the cost of my telephone bill by using Skype

- Centralise contact and property data

- Provide access to multiple users on a network

- Generate cashflow statements

- Generate P&L statements

- Generate Income statements

- Follow-up and email unpaid invoices at the click of a button

- Publish Monthly Owner Statements

- Charge Landlords Property Management Fees

- Track property utilization

- Track marketing ROI

- Automate data backups

- Encrypted database

- Enable multiple office users to access a central database on your network.

- Enable mass emails and letters to your contacts - this could be regarding issues, maintenance, late payments

- Track service requests per property and maintenance company

- Track issues per property - assign them to tenants and internal managers for oversight. You can add pictures and files to your contacts. Store customer bills, receipts automatically in customer folders.

- Track customers and all their interactions with your staff.

- Integration with MS Outlook - you can collect data automatically - for example you can email a form to all your contacts. Once they complete their response, the data is automatically processed.

- Generate detailed accounting reports

- Manage the property sales process using customizable workflows

- Provide separate views for Sales Managers so they only see their contacts and deals.

Click here to download the "Try it First, and Decide Later" Instant Property Pro Trial 

You Can Organize Your Property Accounting

- Simplify the tracking of your income and expenses

- On your home dashboard a report summarizes the monthly income and expenses which can be filtered by property. Within each property you can also see all the charges accumulated and payments.

- You can add payments quickly and easily via the workbook or they can be typed in directly into the charges and payments worksheets for each lease or property.

- Generate property invoices which are assigned to tenants or suppliers and only closed when a balancing payment has been made.

- Monthly owner and property statements can be printed or viewed directly from the main menu if a property owner calls.

- Reports can be saved as a pdf document or saved directly to MS Excel for editing or analysis. You can then email a copy to the owner. These files are then also automatically saved as a copy to the owner's folder.

So check it out. Decide if it's for you. If you feel that Property Pro 2010 isn't right for you, you get a full refund. And the bonuses are YOURS TO KEEP NO MATTER WHAT!!

Click here to download the "Try it First, and Decide Later" Instant Property Pro Trial  

Instant Property Pro Uses the Latest Technology To Allow Us to Provide you with the Lowest Cost & Best Value Property Management Software Available

Read the success stories to see what other real estate professionals think about the solution. Learn how it saved them a fortune in IT costs. But more importantly -how it helped them to grow their business using the proprietary CRM facilities based on my insights into tenant and property management.

I guarantee you will find Instant Property Pro  well worth the pennies invested.  In fact I am confident you will be able to recover this cost by a factor of ten or twenty, with just for example the first usage of the unique mail merge wizard to your contact database.

The Mail Merge Wizard is one of the bonus features that separates Instant Property Pro from other solutions available that use obsolete software standards and unlike Instant Property Pro  are non-compatible with common essential business tools such as Email, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Skype, Microsoft Maps.

Instant Property Pro  represents savings of several hundred dollars but for the pennies you spend you gain a customer relationship management (CRM) solution uniquely designed for real estate to help you automate your business.

So, what's a resource like this worth?

Well to have someone design this sort of software for you would normally set you back around $9,000.

I should know. Ouch.

But forget that, because I've done all the hard work for you. And it's a proven winner.

Anyway, why would you want to pay someone $9,000 if you can have this brand new software in your hot little hands (in just a few moments from now) for just ...


Professional Property Management Solutions with similar features to Instant PropertyPro are being sold for as much as $200 per month.  

Typical Hosted Solutions run up to $50 Per Month!

In today's world, do you really want to give another company access to your customer list, property data and pay another monthly hosting bill?

Here are just some of the Tremendous Advantages of using IPP as your property management solution.

Instant PropertyPro installs on your domain!

You Control all the Data, Forever! 

No Monthly Hosting Fees

Use on Unlimited Customers

Encrypted Database for multiple users

Mail Merge Wizards and integration with Microsoft Outlook

Detailed Management Reporting!

Skype integration, Microsoft Maps

And More. But today you can grab this amazing software plus source code for just.....


Goodness, if it works as well as I say it does then you could make that money back almost instantly, right? Particularly if it improves your communication with your customers and helps increase your sales.

Whichever way you look at it, it's a bargain for you.

And yes, I plan on raising the price tomorrow back to the regular price of $147.

So you'll need to be quick if you want to save over $100.

$75 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you could save and make with Instant Property Pro Don't you owe it to yourself to get on this opportunity right now, so that you can start getting extra sales IMMEDIATELY?


This Exceptional Promotion Expires-

This Promotion is a Market Test for Referrals from Microsoft Office MarketPlace.

Download to your hard drive within seconds.

No waiting for it to be shipped - NO SHIPPING FEE!

Order Securely with PAYPAL or YAHOO!

Money Back Guarantee but you keep the Bonus's worth over $1,000



If you're not satisfied with this product then we will refund your purchase price for up to 60 DAYS!


So, give it a shot and see how good this software is.

The risk is 100% on me! 

Can You Afford Not To? Award Winning Property Software + Source Code for less than one cofee a month!



Yes Mike... with this package, I understand that I not only receive the popular Instant Property Pro for a one-time fee of only $19.95! but also the source code plus landlord templates.

I understand also that if I am not satisfied with the package, I have an 8-week unconditional money-back guarantee. 

Please note: The country you are ordering from is not a problem as our secure order processing form provides you with options with both Yahoo! and PAYPAL and both accept orders from all countries - in fact Instant Property Pro has users in 45 countries.

But Don't Pay Now...
Try it First, Start Seeing Your Business Grow, and THEN Decide

I know you may still be wondering if this Program will work for you... and eliminate your tenant hassles.

That's why I decided to let you "Try it first and decide later"

I put together a simple and easy 21-day Trial-Program for you.  Here's how it works...

1. Instantly download the Instant Property Pro Program today with this Trial-Offer.

2. If you decide to cancel, it's as simple as emailing us any time within the 21-day trial period.  It's that easy!

 Whether you decide to continue with the trial or not, you keep the bonuses worth over $1000.

On top of that, the you can have the entire package for just $19.95. And you don't have to risk a penny...

A measly $19.95 to get access to over $1,000 worth of software and information that could CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! AND you get to keep everything even if you ask for a refund... I wanted to make sure that you could not lose by testing this amazing package! If it does not change your life, then you don't lose anything!

There's just one small problem: You must HURRY! I am only letting a limited number of customers access to this limited edition package so it is important that you order right now, while a few spots are still open. If you wait, you may miss out.

Click here to download the "Try it First, and Decide Later" Instant Property Pro Trial  

Order Instant PropertyPro Today!

  I Need To Start Managing My Properties Today  I Am Excited About The Fast Bonuses
  I Want To Gain An Unfair Advantage Over My Competition


So check it out. Decide if it's for you. If you feel that Instant Property Pro isn't right for you, you get a full refund. And the bonuses are YOURS TO KEEP NO MATTER WHAT!!

To your success,

Mike Bridges


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